The Urban Creators was founded in 2010 by a diverse group of young students, artists, activists, organizers, entrepreneurs, and creators in North Philadelphia. Inspired by our differences and shared passion for ‘creation’, we came together with a vision to transform a 2-acre garbage dump into a farm. We spent our first year organizing door-to-door to build and strengthen relationships with our closest neighbors and local allies. We spent our second year clearing away debris and planting our first seeds of change. Our third year saw the transformation this land into LIFE DO GROW; our urban farm, sanctuary, and our home.

Since then, we have revitalized over 3 acres of blighted land into a network of thriving urban farms and gardens from which we provide fresh produce to dozens of local families each year. We have engaged over 5,000 students and volunteers, have provided 125 employment and leadership development opportunities for 75 (unique individual) youth, and have offered artistic platforms to build visibility for 395 local and emerging artists, as well as 179 black & brown businesses. Through this work, we have also contributed to a 40% decrease in Part 1 Violent crime since 2008 in our immediate area. Most importantly, we have created opportunities to deepen our relationships with one another, the community at large, and our local environment.



Sonia Galiber

Director of Operations &
Added Value/Herbalism

Nyseem Smith

Director of Community & Youth Engagement


Jennifer Younge

Events Coordinator

samuel harris

Farm Co-Manager Fellow

khalil Steward

Farm Co-Manager Fellow

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stanley morgan

Farm Fellow Mentor