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Sonia is an international activist, artist, and educator.  Sonia graduated from Temple University with a BA in Political Science in 2014.  Her experience in activist work includes women’s rights, racial justice, food justice, and land justice.  She channels inspiration from her family always, especially her grandmother who fought for women, children, people with various abilities, and incarcerated people in Washington D.C.

Sonia is rooted in her cultural identity, standing firmly behind Black empowerment and the restoration of Okinawan land to the indigenous people.  Sonia’s work skills include public speaking, linguistics, campaign & policy strategy, anti-racism & equity training, administrative operations and development, and facilitation. Sonia is also an illustrator and traditional Japanese calligraphist.

As Director of Operations, Sonia develops and implements procedures to ensure efficiency, to document, evaluate, and support UC programs, and facilitates communication both internally and externally. In addition to operations, Sonia also oversees the production of added value products such as hot sauces, pickles, infused oils, and herbal tea. She is also a learning herbalist working to build an apothecary that can treat and heal common pains and illnesses in the surrounding neighborhood.