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Are you a Black Girl? Are you Magical? Sign up for our BLACK GIRL MAGIC STAGE at HOODSTOCK this year!!

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Keep an eye out for our special events series this season [THE PARTY IS THE PROTEST] in partnership with REC Philly & HER Philly Moves to promote radical inclusion and celebration


july 22       12:00-7:00pm

On July 22nd, we hosted our 4th Annual HOODSTOCK Festival at Life Do Grow Farm. last years' festival created inclusive spaces for multiple communities to celebrate the legacy of North Philadelphia, amplify youth voice, and elevate dozens of young and local artists, performers, growers, organizers, activists, and creators of all kinds!

The Urban Creators, Rec Philly, Her Philly Moves, and Global Village collaborated to provide acts for the Main Stage. This event was FREE, and ALL AGES ARE WELCOME!

In partnership with the Philadelphia Museum of Arts' PHL Assembled and Soil Generation, we have spent the past year exploring the theme of SOVEREIGNTY through art and inter-generational dialogue. Therefore, the theme of this years HOODSTOCK festival is a declaration of Sovereignty over community land, economy, and radical self-expression.

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Our Annual HOODSTOCK Festival is a celebration of Life, Living, and Innovation in North Philadelphia. Since 2014, HOODSTOCK has been hosted annually at Life Do Grow Farm. The festival is designed to bring together local allies, stakeholders, artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders to celebrate the legacy of our community, amplify youth voice, provide a platform for local innovation, art, and urban creation. In 2016, we hosted over 500 attendees, 30 vendors, 15 local visual artists, and 12 Philly based performers for a 6 hour celebration of art, culture, and social justice.

Life Do Grow Farm was split into three spaces to organize the three aspects of the HOODSTOCK mission: the art gallery, the farm, and the main stage

first fridays

In 2016 we piloted our First Friday Art Gallery series as a way of activating underutilized public spaces, and attracting local artists from across the city to showcase art related to social issues as a way of inspiring critical dialogue. We hosted four art galleries in North Philly which all integrated the visual, performing, and culinary arts as vehicles for social change.

These events took place with a fusion of music from our favorite local DJ’s, tasty food from the farm itself, thought-provoking pieces of art, and an opportunity to purchase our produce from our farmer’s market.

Themes: Black Lives Matter, Restorative Justice, Food for Thought, THE YOUTH!

Participating Partners: Tree House Books, Cooks Who Care, Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project, Power Corp, Philadelphia Mural Arts, Farmer’s Keep, Neuron Nectar Organic Juice