Urban Creators DOME Fundraiser!


Support our fundraising campaign, #BeeTheChange, and help us expand Life Do Grow Farm's potential! The Urban Creators are in need of a year-around in door space! But thanks to our partnership with PHL Assembled, we will be installing a brand new 30ft Geodesic Dome at Life Do Grow!

With your help, we will be able to install and retrofit our Geo-Dome in the spring 2018 to function as our office, community meeting space, classroom, and indoor event venue with a 150 person capacity!! Click #BeeTheChange to donate to this specific cause, and [Donate] for our general PayPal.




The Urban Creators is a grassroots organization rooted in North Philadelphia, transforming neglected landscapes into dynamic safe-spaces that foster connectivity, self-sufficiency, and innovation. We call Life Do Grow Farm home. We are community organizers who utilize urban agriculture, interest-based learning, artistic expression, restorative justice, and celebration as tools for neighborhood stabilization and youth development. Through this process, we are equipping a wide range of stakeholders with the skills, tools, pedagogy, and networks to take the health of their communities into their own hands, while igniting a generation of civically engaged growers, innovators, and urban creators.



coverage of Urban Creators

at Life Do Grow farm !



Exclusive video of FREEWAY's visit to
Life Do Grow Farm!


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